Capital: Kaine
Population: 7,200,000+
Main Ethnic Groups: Daevar (76%), Vildian (14%), Asher (7%), Aion (3%)
Government: Dictatorship
Languages: Latin
Religion: Alkavian Church
Technology: High
Denomym: Togarense
Flag: A black flag divided horizontally into two sections by a red line with a star at the bottom
Masculine Names: Alaric, Arnold, Berg, Bert, Braun, Carl, Diedrick, Durin, Emil, Franz, Gunther, Heinrich, Herman, Kaiser, Koen, Luther, Roland, Seifer, Werner
Feminine Names: Adalia, Allison, Analise, Annika, Bertha, Clove, Crescentia, Edda, Emera, Griselda, Ida, Liesel, Mariel, Marlene, Milla, Rae, Walda, Wilhelmina
Last Names: Aachen, Adler, Barth, Berg, Eichel, Esisenberg, Fassbinder, Fiedler, Gloeckner, Hertz, Hirsch, Kalb, Mauser, Nacht, Reinhard, Roth, Sankt, Schneider, Strauss, Weiss

Togarini, founder of the Azur Alliance is one of the most culturally and militarily advanced nations throughout Gaia. For many it is a clear reflection of the former glory and splendor of Abel, because long ago it was the most important principality of the Empire. Ironically, now it is has become its greatest threat.

With fertile land and abundant crops and forests, Togarini is a true oasis of pleasant weather. Most of the territory consists of high plains and meadows, while the west is a great mass of mountains and plateaus high above sea level. The great technology and prosperity of the nation allows many paved roadways, which connect the main cities and improve the trade routes considerably. The entire region is full of booming towns and large cities, most notably its capital, Kaine, a city-fortress built atop a vast plateau.

Since it has magnificent manufacturing guilds, great advancements in infrastructure and a rich agriculture, Togarini enjoys great economic prosperity. Additionally, wines and beverages that are made in their vineyards are renown throughout Gaia as the best ones. However, the nation’s real wealth comes from its gold mines, which are scattered along the fringe of several large plateaus.

With the fall of Elias Borges, the Lord of War Matthew Fawkes militarily deposed prince Jestin Thule, proclaiming himself Supreme Archon, a title of supremacy that defied imperial tradition. Since then he has exercised absolute control over Togarini, which he declared an independent nation instead of a principality. Fawkes still uses the former administrative system of the ousted prince, but keeping only the nobles and high clergymen who swore loyalty to him in power. He also surrounds himself with his most trusted officers, who have been granted new titles and the lands of those who opposed him.

Militarily, Fawkes has united his own soldiers with the old army of the principality, which was already considerably large, thus forming one of the most powerful forces in the world. Additionally, he invests huge sums of money in the research and development of new weapons, equipping his legions with the best equipment that money can buy. Adding the work of the mysterious but infallible Arbiters to this, and it is not surprising that no principality in the world can face the forces of Togarini.

As unofficial leader of the Azur Alliance, Togarini currently maintains a close relationship with Remo and Bellafonte, while the tension with the Empire keeps growing.