Mikael is the first among the Beryls – the most powerful and important of all the Daughters of the Light. She is extremely consonant with C´iel’s ideas, and she generally acts as her spokeswoman and representative. She was also the first one to feel the need to form part of the existence which is alien to all of them, and fused a fragment of her essence with reality, as her Lady had done before. Mikael incarnates the purest guiding principles of creation, without which all living beings would be completely lost – hope and salvation. For centuries, she has looked after the flourishing of all of Gaïa’s races, giving little thought to their affiliation to the Light or the Darkness. She never felt any desire to be worshipped. Although several cultures considered her a deity, her only goal was always to help and inspire the others. Nevertheless, she felt a strong empathy with the principles and basic concepts of Christianity when they were developed. Fascinated by them, she slowly began to respond to the fruitless prayers directed to Alkavir, until in time, she became the most benign and merciful face of the god of men. Those who synchronize with her are people of great hope in the future who try to help others; they are, above all, strong believers of salvation.

List of Gifts

Elan lower than 50
Giving back hope to an individual 1
Giving back hope to a large number of people 5
Saving someone's life 3
Helping someone in need 3
Undoing a minor wrong 1
Undoing a major wrong 5
Elan higher than 50
Helping someone at one's own expense 1
Undoing a major wrongdoing 3
Risking one's life to save someone else's 1
Give back the will to live to someone who has lost it 1
Elan negative bonuses
Losing hope -5
Ignoring someone in great need -3
Committing a real evil action -10