Capital: Albino
Population: 3,100,000+
Main Ethnic Groups: Vildian (71%), Asher (22%), Daevar (5%), Aion (2%)
Government: Monarchy
Languages: Latin
Religion: Alkavian Church
Technology: Medium
Denomym: Remano
Flag: A dark green flag with a dark and glossy gothic R
Masculine Names: Alessandro, Antonio, Carlo, Daniele, Davide, Edoardo, Enrico, Ettore, Francesco, Giacomo, Lorenzo, Mario, Paolo, Stefano, Valentino
Feminine Names: Agate, Alessia, Andrea, Carmela, Chiara, Diana, Giovanna, Lucia, Michele, Rosalia, Sara, Simona, Stefanía, Teresa
Last Names: Abbazia, Bellanti, Bianco, Corizzi, D´Agostino, Di Amato, Di Benedetto, Di Blasi, Di Gaetano, Di Luca, Dinolfo, Florio, Geraci, Martian, Parrino, Pelligrino, Ridulfo, Scacciaferro, Vitale

The colossal economic power that once rivaled Gabriel and Phaion long ago is currently mired in the most painful of situations. Located south of the current border of the Empire and bordering the White Sea, the nation of Remo is no more than a shadow of what it formerly was.

The whole territory is full of hills and high plateaus, giving it very irregular geography. It also has many forests and marshes. The climate tends to be cold with continuous precipitation throughout the year. In summer, the coast commonly suffers great hurricanes that sometimes severely affect the coastal cities.

Remo was renowned for its large and luxurious cities, filled with extravagant monuments and treasures shipped from the New Continent. Unfortunately, nowadays it even lacks those, as the Empire destroyed many of their cities during the chaotic mandate of Eljared. Currently, Remo has no trade or guild infrastructure, nor a clear source of income. Poverty is spreading everywhere, and people desperately look for something to put in their mouths.

The reasons for the depressing state of the principality are the decay and corruption of its leaders over the past the two centuries, who made exorbitant taxes, foolish and eccentric laws, and gradually lost everything that they had earned in the past. Currently, the only thing left of any value is a large and well-trained army, which combined with passion and the advanced military techniques of the Azur Arbiters, has become one of the most formidable armies in all of Gaia. It is called The Six Legions because of its military structure, which is divided up into six distinct groups.

Remo has traditionally been governed by a council of powerful nobles, led by their prince. Now, Fabian Hess, son of the executed Prince Maximillian, has monopolized the power with the support of Matthew Fawkes appointing himself Supreme Monarch. Among the chaos that followed the withdrawal of the imperial armies from the principality, he made sure to take total control of the nation, placing the surviving nobility under his command.

At present, Remo has become an important component of Azur, although its dependence on the Alliance is absolute. Togarini provides the funds to rebuild its cities and the little food that allows its people to survive. Without this support, the principality would sink further into distress. Surrounded by death, the people are in a state of depression that comes very close to despair, and their hatred towards the Empire, and more specifically to Arlan, is the only thing that drives them forward. Unable to believe in a better future, their armies wait on the borders; prepared for a war that they need more than anyone.