Magicka influences the living and the dead, the real and the unreal. It may be everything or nothing at all - but it has always existed and will be with us forever. Magicka is constituted by the spiritual energy of the world; its own nature is linked to the Flow of Souls, although it would be more precise to say it is one of its aspects. Magicka springs from spirits and reality itself. In a way, it can be thought of as the shadow of existence; it does not respond to the laws of physics or logic, but it alters the world as it pleases.

The power of magicka is not homogeneous. It takes on varied shades as it merges with souls and comes into contact with different elements or emotions. In this way, it can be organized into diverse types as it passes through a wizard or stays in a specific emotionally charged place. Dark spells fueled by negative emotions, draw their power from magicka that has been in contact with feelings of anger, rage, fear, or hatred. While those spells associated with light rely on peace, tranquility, calm, and love.

Not everyone can control the power of souls. It is not an easy task - not even for supernatural spirits themselves. However, some entities are born with the ability to sense magicka. They can let it flow through their bodies and channel its energy in the form of innate spells. Awakened are among those born with the gift of altering reality as they please. Wizards are a light in the darkness of magic; they are the centers around its power revolves. They act as portals for magical energies to manifest themselves in the physical world. Magicka concentrates around them, penetrating inside them and growing within their souls until it breaks into existence through a spell.

In reality, enchantments are simply a way to control existence and to alter its rules. Mystic use their supernatural energy to produce spells to weave a net around the very essence of reality. The Runes are words that they whisper to the soul of the world to channel their energies better. Each wizard has their own formula to modify existence. They create their spells using whatever knowledge and means they have available; therefore, the execution of magic may vary considerably from one person to the next.

The GiftEdit

The Gift is the principle through which magicka manifests itself. This is the name given to the ability some people have of handling mystical forces. Those born with such a blessing (or curse) are called Awakened. Their souls not only have the ability to attract and sense mystical energies, but they also can master their power and alter reality.

It is not clear why there only a few bearers of the Gift. Some entities argue that all living beings are capable of controlling magicka, and that having the Gift simply indicates the soul has awakened to its own true power. Even so, there is a true difference between those born with the Gift and the rest of all living beings.

Normally, Awakened are not even aware they are in possession of the Gift. They use magicka unconsciously all of their lives and experience sensations that are unusual for others, but they never manage to control their power. As children, they are faced with serious difficulties - as they are driven by incomprehensible forces that they cannot always control. Only those Awakened who eventually gain access to arcane knowledge or to some form of proper instruction can ever become true magicians.

The Gift is an exceptionally rare ability, and very few people are born with it. Only 1 out of 10,000 humans in Gaia have it - although the percentage of those who go on to become true spellcasters in the shadows is even smaller. As an Awakened ages, the Gift will begin to manifest in certain ways. This can be anything from a strange appearance of the pupils or iris, to an aura that surrounds the person. Typically this trait is noticeable from birth, but so small it requires active observation. As the Awakened ages this trait will begin to become more obvious until it is impossible not to notice. In many cases a minor trait like unusual irises will spread to other parts of the body, like strange markings on the skin or an unusual hair color. These traits only appear to develop in Humans who have the Gift.

In general, a Human or Marrokin with the Gift can cast spells as if they were one Rank higher than they actually are. For example a Rank 1 Awakened can cast spells as a Rank 2 magi. There is however no Rank 6, so when an Awakened reaches Rank 5 the only difference is the number of Runes they can combine into a spell. In the case of many of the supernatural races capable of being born with the Gift, such as the Duk'zarist and Sylvain, their spiritual tie to magicka allows them to channel it easier, and as such they cast spells as if they were two Ranks higher than they actually are. Likewise, being Rank 5 only means they can cast spells with more Runes in them, there is no Rank 7.

Mystic RanksEdit

Magicka is slightly more complicated than the systems for Dominion and Psycher, this is because Magicka encompasses many more spells than the other two have. Below I will give a brief description of each Magi Rank and attempt to explain what each rank allows you to do. Each mystic begins play with a number of memorized Runes equal to their Rank x3, for example a Rank 1 mystic begins with 3 Runes, and a Rank 5 mystic begins with 15. Like the other systems, a mystic is only capable of casting one spell per post, though they can maintain spells over a duration. By default a spell can be maintained for a number of posts equal to the magi's Rank, and they can only maintain a number of spells equal to their Rank x2.


The apprentice is the lowest standing of magi, typically only capable of conjuring minor effects that are incapable of doing harm to themselves or others; this is the stage of learning where a mystic first learns how to activate the Runes. An apprentice is only capable of casting spells with two runes, and may only use Manifester and Effect Runes.


A magician has progressed far enough down the path of magicka to no longer require a mentor, though this is not to say they cannot still benefit from one. A magician is still only capable of performing basic spells, though they have mastered the Modifier Rune and can now cast spells containing up to three Runes in them.


At this Rank the mystic has become a true wizard and is capable of producing more advanced forms of magic. They have typically learned all they can from being tutored by another mystic and must go out and experiment with magicka on their own to advance further. In the current era only a small handful of mystics have ever advanced beyond the Rank of Wizard, and those who do are a force to be feared. Wizards are capable of casting spells containing four Runes in them and gain the ability to use Multiplier Runes.


The mystic has expanded beyond the powers of a mere wizard and can now channel High Magic, allowing him to cast spells of truly devastating proportion. A magus has become so infused with magicka that when he casts spells the runes appear infused on his flesh. Magus are capable of casting spells with five Runes and can now combine all three Modifiers to perform High Magic.


The pinnacle of magicka, the archmage is a walking conduit for the mystical energies. So infused with magicka he is able to cast spells almost at will, needing only the minimal amount of concentration. Archmages are capable of casting Divine Magicka, combining multiple spells to produce entirely new ones at will. An archmage can cast spells using up to six Runes and are no longer limited to only one Manifester or Effect Rune in their spells.

How Spells WorkEdit

Creating spells are actually simpler than they look. To begin with you pick your starting Runes; depending on your Rank the choice should be pretty simple. Once you have your Runes chosen it is time to combine them into spells. The formula is fairly simple as Runes all go in a certain order when combined. Manifester > Effect > Modifier > Multiplier. When using Modifiers there is a particular order that they are placed in as well, Damage > Time > Protection. This is primarily to produce a particular word structure with the Runes. When creating a spell a character is limited to the number of Runes they can add to it based on their Rank, normally this is Rank +1 but some things can modify this number such as racial traits. A spell can only contain 1 Manifester and 1 Effect Rune unless otherwise stated (such as the case of the Archmage) but can contain as many modifier Runes as you have room for. As a special note, the Missile Modifiers always come after the core three Modifiers.

Advanced SpellsEdit

When a character can cast as a Rank 5 mystic things get a little more complicated as they can now add more than 1 Manifester or Effect Rune to their spell. When casting a spell that has more than one Manifester Rune, they need to be placed in the order in which they are being activated. For example, a spell that fires a missile at a target and then explodes into an area effect would place the Sin Rune first and the Yog Rune second. If a spell is meant to affect you first and then produce another effect, such as create an area effect or fire a missile the Sho Rune must be placed at the start, otherwise the effect it produces will only affect those hit by the initial Manifester Rune. When combining multiple Manifester and Effect Runes, the Effect Rune must be placed after the Manifester that causes it. For example, a spell that is meant to heal you and then fire a ball of flame at a target would place the Sho and Aeol Runes first, then the Sin and Shan Runes after. If both Effect Runes apply to both Manifester Runes, simply place them in any order after the two Manifester Runes, such as Shosinshanaeol. Modifiers and Multipliers will always stay in the same order.

Spell TypesEdit

For simplicity sake, the following spells are listed based on what Runes are combined to make them. When a person creates a spell however, they can choose to name it whatever they want, however when speaking the incantation they still must speak the Rune Words. In this section we will be going over the different classifications of spells, based on the Rune Types combined to make them.


These are simple spells, combining only the basic Manifester + Effect Runes. They typically only produce minor effects, typically only small utility based functions.


These spells are intended to cause harm on a target by bringing magicka to life and turning it into a hostile force. These spells are created by adding the Rah Rune to a cantrip.


These spells are a varied type, typically serving as some kind of utility spell that enhances the target in some way or produces a useful effect. In a way they are similar to cantrips but serve a much more useful function. They are created by adding the Nug Rune to a cantrip.


A more complicated form a spell, buffs enhance the target in a much greater way, often increasing their resistance or altering the targets body in some kind of way. These spells are created by adding the Hef Rune to an abjuration.


A deadly form of magicka, often forbidden amongst many orders of mystics due to its malignant nature. This spell causes harm slowly over time, such as slowly burning a target from the inside out or inflicting them with a deadly magical poison. These spells are created by adding the Nug Rune to an evocation.

High MagicEdit

Typically considered the pinnacle of magicka, high magic is the most devastating of all magic and the hardest to master. Unlike the other types of spells, High Magic can only be used with the Yog Rune as the spells are too powerful to be individually focused, however Archmages can attach a Sin Rune to the spell in order to target where the effect takes place. High Magic is created by combining all three Modifier Runes together.


Below are a list of all the different Core Runes, these are the staple Runes that every mystic can learn. Each has been split into their particular category for ease of reading.

Manifester RunesEdit

Manifester Runes are what allow a mystic to channel the magicka that flows inside them and give it life. Each of these Runes determines how the mystic will cause the magicka to react when it is manifested into the world.

Yog (Area): Creates area effect with a range of 3 yards. Spell only works in the area around the caster, not the caster himself.

Sho (Touch): Creates effect on target. Will not target caster if the spell has a negative effect.

Sin (Missile): Expels towards the target. The missile requires a clear line of sight or the spell will not work without the proper Modifier.

Aza (Summon): Summons a creature from the Elemental fabric of the Effect card used.

Arc (Enchant): Enchants an item with magical properties.

Effect RunesEdit

These Runes are what bind magicka and infuse it with particular properties. The Effect Rune is what defines a spell as being a Healing Spell or a Fire Spell. Without an Effect Rune magicka can be manifested by it has no rules to follow. Effect Runes are split up into six categories based on their elemental properties, each category containing three different Runes.

Air: Nyar (Air), Aeol (Life), Thot (Lightning)

Earth: Shub (Stone), Thul (Iron), Tagn (Earth)

Fire: Shan (Fire), Hoth (Power), Dhol (Force)

Ruin: Craf (Corpse), Deka (Poison), Thep (Decay)

Water: Tith (Psyche), Dalo (Ice), Neet (Water)

Wood: Ganr (Creation), Hast (Wood), Balu (Ivy)

Modifier RunesEdit

The backbone of magicka, it is these Runes that allows a spellcaster to fling fireballs or cast buffs. Without them magicka is a passive energy that is neither harmful nor beneficial. A true caster utilizes Modifier Runes to produce truly magical effects. There are technically two types of Modifiers, the Core Modifiers and Missile Modifiers. The first variety effect all spells and are the most widely used, however the second variety only affects Missile type spells, allowing a mystic to greatly modify how the spell works.

Core ModifiersEdit

Rah (Damage): Changes the actions of the spell to damaging one. In the case of a positive spell (e.g. healing), the modifier allows to obtain an opposite action – a damaging one.

Hef (Protection): Changes the effect of the spell to a positive one. Use the modifier in case if you want to get a positive effect of the spell that you cast on yourself (healing, resistance, etc.).

Nug (Time): Extends the duration of an effect. A very useful modifier, for example, when summoning a creature or casting spells on yourself (defending).

Missile ModifiersEdit

Jen (Homing): Makes a Missile spell chase a target. Will only follow enemies if the effect is negative or allies if the effect is positive.

Zet (Ricochet): Makes the Missile spell bounce off a target and hit another target once. Like the Homing modifier, this will only target another friend or foe is the type of spell corresponds. Will bounce between two targets repeatedly if a multiplier is applied and no other targets are available. If only one target is available the spell is “grounded.”

Esp (Spray): Splits a Missile spell into two Missiles, targeting multiple targets at once.

Multiplier RunesEdit

Multiplier Runes allow a mystic to enhance the effects of his spells or increase the duration of them. As mentioned above a spell can only be maintained for a number of posts, however when a Multiplier is attached the time interval is increased greatly. Likewise Multipliers can affect the radius of an Area spell or the effects of a Missile Modifier. When a Modifier is placed in a spell the single Rune will affect all other Runes in the spell.

Ta (x2), Te (x3), Ti (x4), To (x5), Tu (x6)

While there are five Multiplier Runes a character only needs to purchase the first one (Ta), after this anytime a character gains a Rank he automatically learns the next level of Multiplier. A character can then choose to use any level of Multiplier Rune they have already learned when casting a spell.

Note on MultipliersEdit

Area: By default an Area spell only has a radius of 3 meters, this radius is multiplied by the Modifier used in the spell so the Tu Rune will increase the Radius to 18 meters.

Time: Any spell containing the Nug Rune has a default duration equal to the magi's Rank in posts. For each level of Multiplier added to the spell this duration is increased by one interval. That is to say it goes from Posts > Minutes > Hours > Days > Weeks > Months.

Missiles: Some of the Missile Modifiers have a value that allows them to attack multiple targets. By default these begin only able to attack one extra target, however for each level of Multiplier added the spell can affect one additional target, up to a max of 6.


This is a comprehensive list of the basic spells in Shafador, in the format of what Runes would needed to be combined to make them. The list is split up into the different categories of Runes based on their elemental affiliation.

Cantrips = Manifester + Effect

Evocations = Manifester + Effect + Damage

Abjurations = Manifester + Effect + Time

Buffs = Manifester + Effect + Time + Protection

Curses = Manifester + Effect + Damage + Time

High Magic = Manifester + Effect + Damage + Time + Protection

Runes of AetharokEdit

So named after the Azure Dragon of Air, the Runes of Aetharok are attuned to the aspects of life and inspiration. Its spells are of the Air, Life, and Lightning types. These Runes are associated with the Light.

Nyar Rune (Air)Edit

This Rune allows the mystic to control the forces of air and channel them to their will. It allows one to do anything from creating a minor gust to a massive tornado.

Cantrip: Creates a gust of wind that can produce howling sounds like those of a ghost, used to distract or spook a target.

Evocation: Attacks the target with high velocity winds capable of slicing through even the toughest materials.

Abjuration: Just as air cannot be seen by the naked eye, so too does this spell hide the target, rendering them invisible.

Buff: Surrounds the target in a gust of powerful wind, allowing them to fall safely from great distances without taking damage.

Curse: Creates a gust storm around the target, continually buffeting them with razor winds and whipped up debris.

High Magic: Creates a massive tornado that touches down and begins devastating the area, ripping up loose objects and even capable of picking up people. This spell causes a great deal of damage in a small area before finally dissipating. The tornado it creates is able to be seen for miles and will destroy anything in its path.

Aeol Rune (Life)Edit

Named after the legendary first Emperor, Aeolus Hawke, this Rune gives its user control over life. A person who has memorized this Rune can heal injuries, hinder healing, or even bring a person back from death.

Cantrip: Allows the mystic to heal small superficial injuries that do not require a great deal of care or medication. If used with dice combat rules, it is capable of negating one successful attack against the target.

Evocation: Deals damage by causing the target's body to go into shock as their system is over infused with life energy, causing their metabolism to go into overdrive and their heart to begin working harder.

Abjuration: By infusing a target with life energy they become numb to the sensation of pain, allowing them to take one additional hit in dice combat. Likewise it increases their Physical Resistance by +5%

Buff: The target is infused with life energy, causing injuries to slowly mend over time without needing direct medical attention. This spell is limited to only being able to heal superficial wounds; it cannot regrow lost limbs, though it can regrow small appendages such as fingers or an ear.

Curse: This spell hinders the flow of life energy in a person’s body, causing their wounds to heal much more slowly while under the effect of this spell. A small cut that should only take a few days to heal will instead take weeks; a broken limb that should heal in a few months will take a year. The target will begin healing normally once the duration of this spell ends. In addition, people targeted by this spell cannot be healed magically.

High Magic: This spell has a 25% chance to return a freshly deceased target from the dead; if the spell fails it may not be attempted again. If multiple casters channel this spell at once the chance increases by 10% per person. This spell requires a hefty sacrifice, usually of blood or a portion of the casters soul, though living sacrifices can be used instead but must be proportionate to the target being resurrected.

Thot Rune (Lightning)Edit

Lightning is thought to be the weapon of the gods, and those who wield this Rune are more than willing to wield that godly weapon. Those who use this Rune can create intricate lightshows that can be used to power certain magical artifacts, create bolts of lightning to fling at their foes, or even generate a massive electrical storm.

Cantrip: The mystic charges the air around him with electricity, producing marvelous lights that resemble the aurora borealis. By concentrating they can gather these lights into a small orb which can be contained and used as a source of energy for Magecraft Artifacts.

Evocations: The mystic generates a large amount of electricity before releasing it in a blast at the target. This can either be discharged from the casters hands or called down from the heavens as a single bolt of lightning but either way produces the same effect.

Abjuration: Like a bolt of lightning, the mind of target becomes as quick as a flash. The characters reaction time and reflexes are increased tenfold.

Buff: Infuses the target with the Element of Air, causing their skin to appear icy blue with lightning coursing through their veins. Increases Air Resistance by 25%.

Curse: Hits the target with a single bolt of electricity that strikes their chest and then courses through their body, causing them to convulse as they are electrocuted.

High Magic: The caster fires a small spark of electricity into the air which concentrates into a massive storm cloud over the area. Shortly after it forms the cloud begins to strike down with deadly bolts of lightning that seem to intentionally seek out any living being in area. The lightning is a deep purple or crimson color and can be seen for miles, often distinguishable as magic or some kind of ill omen. Those struck by the bolt of lightning take severe damage from the intense concentration of magical energy that course through their bodies.

Runes of TerrakathEdit

Named after the Saffron Dragon of Earth, the Runes of Terrakath are about influencing the world beneath the magi. Many of these Runes are capable of strengthening the stability of reality or hardening a target against the attacks or spells of an enemy. In many ways, these Runes are a bit hypocritical, acting against magic despite being magic themselves.

Tagn Rune (Earth)Edit

This Rune represents stability and the strength of the earth. Its spells are primarily used to oppose other casters, allowing the mystic to prevent another caster from using spells on them. In addition the Rune allows a mystic to conjure up the power of the earth to attack their forces, using earthen spikes or large chunks of rock.

Cantrip: The caster speaks this incantation which returns stability to reality. When used on a target there is a 25% chance that the target will have all magical effects removed from them, including adverse ones.

Evocation: The mystic whispers to the world and conjures up a spike of earth that attacks the target. This can either be jutted up from the ground or conjured in their hand and launched at a target.

Abjuration: The mystic infuses themselves with the stability of the earth, making them more difficult to effect with spells. While under the effect of this spell the target gains a 25% Resistance to all spells cast on them, including beneficial ones. This spell only protects the target from one spell but may be maintained for as long as the mystic can afford to. Once the charge has been used the magic dissolves and the spell must be used again.

Buffs: Infuses the target with the Energy of Earth, making them appear earthen and covered in moss. While under the effect of this spell the target’s resistances increase by 10% each time they are struck, but cannot be raised more times than the original caster’s Channeler Rank.

Curse: Begins slowly calcifying the targets body, causing their flesh to turn to stone in small patches that begin to spread over the rest their body and eventually spread to their internal organs before causing a slow and painful death.

High Magic: The mystic makes the symbol of the earth and slams their fist into the ground. Shortly after the ground begins to rumble and forms into a localized earthquake, destroying any nearby buildings, uprooting trees and other plant life, and pummeling those caught in it with rocks and chunks of debris. The aftershock of the earthquake can be felt for miles around. In areas where there is volcanic activity this spell also causes pockets of magma to burst to the surface and erupt in small volcanic explosions, dealing even more damage to the area and those in it.

Thul Rune (Iron)Edit

While Tagn is the Rune of stability, Thul is the Rune of structure and industry. Many of the spells and Runes deal with elements of the natural world, however Iron is an aspect of the Human soul. Conjuring the ironclad chains of industry to attack their targets, mystics who focus on this type of magic are a deadly force to be reckoned with, especially by other mystics as it holds one notable ability. The ability to prevent a mystic from casting entirely.

Cantrip: The mystic speaks the word of Iron and encases the target in a choking grip, causing the target to gasp for their words. This does not actually strangulate a target but prevents them from speaking.

Evocation: The mystic conjures blades of iron to act on his behalf. These blades are then launched at a target to slice, slash, or impale the target before disappearing.

Abjuration: The mystic who knows this spell finds that they are no longer able to be bound or impeded, able to open almost any mundane lock with just a simple incantation of this spell.

Buff: Infusing the targets body with the Rune of Iron, their skin becomes as hard as metal and gains the texture and appearance to go with this increased toughness. Typically resembling a rigid iron statue of themselves, they are still capable of their full range of movement as if the iron was as soft as skin, though their weight increases to make the new density of their body. While under the effects of this spell the target receives +25% Physical Resistance.

Curse: The target conjures a chain of magical iron that they then launch at the target. If the chain hits it will embed itself into the targets body and burrow deep, moments later bursting out of their body in numerous areas as barbed chains that constrict around the target and lacerate their flesh as it slowly shreds their flesh and bones from the inside out. Alternatively, this Rune can also be used on casters with a different effect. Rather than constricting and killing the caster, it can merely dig deep inside of them and form an invisible chrysalis around them of iron, preventing them from using magic for the duration of the curse. This effect can only be removed by another caster using some form of dispel on the target. A caster affected in such a way can roll a 1d100 at difficulty 50 to resist the effect, though Resistances do not apply as normal.

High Magic: The mystic murmurs the Rune of Iron and makes a brief gesture, pointing towards the sky. A moment later the sky darkens and is covered by an ashen cloud that blots out the sun and fills the air with the scent of rust. Once the cloud has fully formed it begins to rain, though it is not water that falls from the cloud by tiny iron slivers that slice and sting any caught in the brewing storm. After a few moments these tiny slivers will grow into a hail storm of iron shards of spikes, totally eviscerating any caught in the storm and causing large amounts of damage to the area around it. Shortly after the pieces of iron strike they begin to rust and corrode before disappearing completely just like the melted ice pellets of a true hailstorm, causing damage but leaving no real trace behind. This storm can be seen for miles but has no true distinguishes traits to mark it as magic in nature.

Shub Rune (Stone)Edit

The Rune of Stone, used more often by stone masons and such than any other person in the world due to its cantrip and abjuration, though this Rune contains several useful spells for combat, especially its High Magic which allows a mystic to conjure a meteor swarm from the heavens.

Cantrip: Allows a mystic to manipulate stone by their will alone. A caster who uses this spell can lift and move stone slowly from one place to another, making construction work much easier without the need for pulleys and carts. A mystic can lift a maximum weight equal to 200 lbs. per Rank.

Evocation: The mystic conjures up solid rock from the earth that then spin around them before slamming into the target.

Abjuration: The magi’s hands become like stone carving tools. With their will alone they are capable of carving any stone as if they had all the tools they required and produce any sort of shape or detail. Because a mystic is not limited to the type of tools he is using and only his manual dexterity works produced with this spell tend to exceed those made by mortal hands and are often considered true wonders.

Buff: The mystic infuses a target with the power of the earth, transforming their skin to earth and stone, often covered with moss and appearing like some kind of natural formation. While under the effects of this spell the targets Earth Resistance increases by 25%.

Curse: The target finds that the earth rejects them. Stone that they touch causes them physical pain as if they had been burned, the ground appears to cling to them as if they were treading through thick muck, slowing them down greatly, and natural soil becomes like quick sand, attempting to swallow the target whole.

High Magic: The mystic conjures perhaps one of the most devastating forces of nature. The cosmos. With this spell the sky rips open to reveal the stars and the moons and the planets above the area affected by the spell, and if the sight of this was not terrifying enough to begin with soon after the stars begin to fall from the sky, slamming down in a screaming inferno one after the other as the ground is pummeled and destroyed by a rain of meteors. These huge stones are about the size of a man and hit with amazing force, capable of devastating landscapes, pulverizing buildings, and likely killing all who are caught in the radius of the spell. The use of this spell has been forbidden by almost all schools of magic save the Order of Yehudah, who have been documented to have used it at least once in recent history.

Runes of IgnirakEdit

These Runes are named after the Scarlet Dragon of Emotions, and as such they encompass the force of a magi's personality, the force of their mind, and the heat of the flame. Mystic who wield these Runes often come with a powerful ego and a mighty charisma, and are capable of causing serious devastation.

Shan Rune (Fire)Edit

The Rune of Flames, this Rune is capable of manipulating fire or coaxing it out of thin air to act as the Magi wishes. Those who wield it must be careful as the flame has a mind of its own, once given birth it is prone to turn on the caster just as easily as his target.

Cantrip: The mystic conjures an ember that ignites into sparks much like a firework, dazzling the target and causing them to be distracted or temporarily blinded.

Evocation: The mystic coaxes the elements of fire and generates a magical flame that can be used to incinerate a target or ignite combustible materials.

Abjuration: Much like the Evocation, the mystic coaxes the elements of the flame though this time to pacify them and tame the heat. This spell produces a heatless flame that is only good for produces a light source that produces as much light as a torch.

Buff: Infuses the target with the Energy of Fire, making their flesh appear charred, eyes and mouth to burn with flames and magma to course beneath their veins, increasing the targets Fire Resistance. The mystic becomes one with the flame, channeling the energy of fire into their bodies until their flesh looks charred, their eyes and mouths appear to burn like a furnace, and often their hair takes on a flame-like appearance. This spell increases the targets Fire Resistance by +25%.

Curse: The mystic draws the mark of fire in the air or on a target and sends the energy flying. The spell strikes a target with the energy of fire; causing their veins to boil and making them burn from the inside out.

High Magic: The mystic weaves their arms in the air as they manifest a serpent made of flame. Once this serpent is fully formed it slithers into the earth before spreading out like a wildfire beneath the crust. Shortly after stone and rock melt to magma and the superheated lava pool bursts to the surface with nowhere else to go, causing numerous volcanic eruptions across the surface of the area this spell encompasses. The pressure with which these lava bursts explode is amazing, causing the magma to shoot over 100 feet into the air before raining back down.

Dhol Rune (Force)Edit

The Rune of Force allows a mystic to produce powerful effects using their emotions and willpower. Just as the heat of a fire can produce a concussive blast, so too can the heat of a person’s emotions.

Cantrip: The mystic can generate a small amount of force, allowing them to repel objects away from them such as something sitting on the ground, or projectiles being shot at them.

Evocation: The mystic erupts with the force of their emotions and smashes this wall of force into a target. While in many cases this force is featureless, it can take on a variety of colors and depending on the severity of the emotion used to draw it out can even assume frightening or stirring images as well.

Abjuration: The mystic infuses himself with the force of his will and emotions, allowing himself to propel forward at amazing speeds and leap great heights or distances. This spell greatly increases a targets running speed and the height and length they can jump by propelling them forward with force.

Buff: The target is shrouded in a blanket of emotion, allowing them to hide exactly what they feel or shield their true emotions. While under the effect of this spell the target can display any emotion they choose at any time, and are immune to any effects that would otherwise change their emotions towards something or someone.

Curse: The mystic fills themselves with a crushing anger and then projects this feeling upon another, making the target feel as if they are in a box and slowly being crushed to death by it.

High Magic: The mystic overwhelms an area with an empathic blasts, forcing everyone in the radius of effect to feel exactly what they feel. This can bring an army to its knees or fill them with an unbridled rage or simply force a group of people to understand your emotions better. While this spell does not compel people to act on your emotions, the emotions they feel are very real and it is likely it may persuade them to a different way of thinking.

Itha Rune (Power)Edit

While the Dhol Rune deals with raw emotions, the Itha Rune deals with the force of the magi's personality, their ability to subjugate those around them to their will. This Rune is a dangerous one as it is the power of a tyrant that fuels it.

Cantrip: The mystic knows no want for hunger or sleep. Each day the mystic uses this spell on a target the pains of hunger and exhaustion from lack of sleep are removed and they feel as if they had just eaten a full meal and slept 8 hours. This however does not remove the necessity to eat or sleep, and a person who does not eat properly will still die of starvation.

Evocation: The target conjures the heat of Ignirak into their body and with a screaming sound they release this energy as a powerful ruby red blast of plasma.

Abjuration: While some people appear large and terrifying due to their charisma, this spell actually allows the target to become large and terrifying. By infuses the tyrannical might of this Rune into a target they double in size and physical strength, transforming them into a true hulking monster.

Buff: The mystic uses their own power to generate a magical shield that surrounds the target in a hex dome of energy. This energy appears as a ruby red shell that removes immobile, however the target can move in and out of it at will. While inside this shell nothing can enter, and those inside are unable to attack anything outside. The shield can sustain a number of attacks equal to the magi's rank x2, afterward the shield shatters and the mystic sustains a concussive blow from the recoil.

Curse: The mystic imposes their ego on the target, making them feel as if they are going to explode as pressure builds from inside their chest. This pressure continues to grow until the effect ends or the target dies, at which point their chest and ribcage are blown open.

High Magic: The mystic creates a sudden heat wave that washes over the area, at first creating the mirage like wave of heat, though this is only a sign of things to come. Shortly after the heat wave strikes there is a high pitched screaming noise that fills the air and a blast of ruby red energy shoots through the area like a missile, melting and warping everything in its path. This causes metal to buckle or melt, wood to turn instantly to ash, stone is melted and any organic matter such as plants, animals, or even people caught in its wake are boiled and have their flesh melted from their bones.

Runes of AvinoxEdit

The Runes of Avinox deal with the end of things, death, decay, and the slow inevitable pull towards oblivion. At one point these Runes were merely a natural part of Magic but when Avinox was polluted by the Touch of Atropal so to were the energies he bestowed on the world through the Wake. Now his magic is viewed as blasphemous even by other mystics and are classified as Necromancy. These Runes are affiliated with the Element of Ruin.

Craf Rune (Corpse)Edit

The Craf Rune is perhaps the staple aspect of all true Necromancers, giving the mystic control over the dead, or even transform yourself into the undead temporarily. This Rune is feared and loathed by nearly all Mystics, perhaps even above the other Runes of Avinox.

Cantrip: The mystic is capable of siphoning the living essence from a target and feeding upon it. This allows the mystic to nourish himself as if he had just eaten by sucking the life force from a living target.

Evocation: The character lashes out at the target with deathly energies, forming them into a large bone spike that attacks the target.

Abjuration: The mystic can infuse the bodies of the deceased with the energy of Atropal, breathing false life back into them and bringing the corpse into a state of unlife. Mindless, the corpse raises under the control of the mystic for as long as the spell remains active. This spell can also be used an already animate mindless undead who have no master, placing the undead under the mystic’s control as if he had raised it. When the spells duration ends the false life is removed from the corpse and it collapses where it stands.

Buff: The mystic infuses themselves or a target with the powers of Atropal, replacing their living essence with the essence of false life. The targets skin becomes pale and sickly looking, coursing with vile black blood that makes their veins visible through their skin. Their eyes become monstrous giving them the life sense of the undead. Likewise their skin hardens and they become slightly more resistant to damage, gaining a +15% Physical Resistance. The tradeoff for this bonus however is that the character becomes weak to the powers of Light and are harmed by healing spells.

Curse: The mystic reaches out and sinks tendrils of entropic energy into the heart of the target, these tendrils then snake through their entire body and cause the target to begin rotting slowly over the course of the duration of this spell.

High Magic: The earth rumbles and the ground splits into small cracks when the mystic summons the words to this spell. With great power and force the ground erupts as massive bone spikes shoot up from beneath the earth and the world vomits up flayed flesh and ravaged corpses that litter the area. After the horrid display a huge wind picks up, causing a massive cyclone that whips up all the strips of flesh and bone fragments and begins to create a blender of death and destruction for all those caught within it. The vile display can be seen for miles as the bloody red torrent ravages the area and pummels or kills anyone or anything caught inside it, leaving behind the smell or rot and death in its wake and a horrible sight as the area is coated in putrid mess and rotting meat.

Thep Rune (Decay)Edit

The Rune of Decay is diverse, it allows a person to melt the flesh off a person’s body or strip away any magical effects on a target. Used by many Necromancers who prefer a touch of the offensive or just like the smell of acid.

Cantrip: The mystic channels to power of decay and targets himself or another person, stripping the magical energies that affect them. This removes all spells affecting a person, including adverse and beneficial spells.

Evocation: The mystic conjures the powers of decay into the form of a screaming black skull surrounded by necrotic green flames. When the mystic hits someone with this spell the skull erupts into sizzling acid that burns flesh and dissolves metal or stone.

Abjuration: The mystic infuses an object with the antithesis of decay, preventing it from wear and tear and protects it against the corrosive effects of their own spells. In the case of this spell a corpse is also considered an object and when targeted by this spell it prevents a corpse from rotting for the duration.

Buff: The mystic infuses themselves or another with the necrotic energies of decay, making the target’s skin turn as black as night with burning green eyes and a skeletal face. The target becomes like a visage of death and gains a powerful resistance against the effects of Ruin, increasing their Ruin Resistance by +25%.

Curse: The mystic attacks the target with a withering sickness that causes their body to break down and begin to decay over time, similar to the effect of the Corpse Rune’s curse. The difference is that the power of decay can also affect non-living tissue, which is the key use of this spell. A mystic can choose to instead attack a person’s equipment, corroding metal or stone, making leather rot or dissolve, and making a person’s gear otherwise useless to them.

High Magic: The mystic points towards the sky and speaks the Runes of this spell, causing a jet black cloud to form in the sky with a thick green aura that surrounds it. With a crack of nauseating green lightning the cloud begins to rain down highly corrosive acid down on the area of effect, burning and dissolving anything it touches and leaving the ground infertile and useless for agriculture. Like most High Magic the acid rain is clearly visible from miles away and its necrotic appearance makes it an obvious use of magic.

Deka Rune (Poison)Edit

The final aspect of Ruin, the slow and inevitable death of all things. Nothing better represents this than poison, coursing slowly though a person’s body and causing them to wither away and die gradually over time. This Rune is capable of conjuring dangerous magical poisons into a person’s blood just as it is capable of removing them as well and it gives the mystic a certain level of control over the venomous forces of nature that exist in the world.

Cantrip: The mystic draws out any poison currently affecting himself or a target, even those of a supernatural nature. Often times this is done by sucking out the poison through the targets skin and forming into a hardened ball of the venomous substance that can then be boiled and used again at a later date. This spell can also be used on venomous creatures as a safe method for milking them and storing the venom as an easily transportable ball.

Evocation: The mystic conjures a serpent of necrotic energy that lashes out and bites a target, causing momentary searing pain throughout their entire body. The toxin works its way out of their system in seconds but the pain lasts for some time.

Abjuration: The mystic or another targeted by this spell sprouts dangerous fangs of some sort that are capable of producing a dangerous paralytic venom. In order to affect someone with this venom the attacker must successfully hit a target, upon which the target is immediately infected and one round later they find themselves numb and unable to move. If the target fails the defense roll by more than 50 the poison affects them immediately and they fall into a paralytic coma.

Buff: The mystic infuses themselves or another with the deathly energies of poison, causing their skin to become scaly and reptilian and throbbing green veins to form that pump venom through their body. This grants the target a +25% Poison Resistance.

Curse: Poisons the target with a powerful supernatural poison that can only be removed with magic. The target must make a 1d100 roll each day or slip into a coma until cured. The initial difficulty is 10, however the difficulty is increased by 10 each day. When it reaches 100 or 10 days have passed without receiving a cure the target dies.

High Magic: The mystic calls to the wild and the venomous creatures of the world answer his call. Seeming to manifest from thin air, snakes, spiders, centipedes, and other poisonous creatures emerge from all over the area and swarm everything in the area, biting, scratching, and stinging any living being caught in their wake. The swarm produces by this spell is overwhelming, like a flood of poisonous creatures too great to be stopped by any conventional means and as such is treated as an environmental hazard.

Runes of AquiloraEdit

The Runes of the Element of Water, the chosen essence of the Dragon of Time. These spells allow a mystic to conjure the powers of the mind, and of the primordial waters of time to crush or consume their enemies. As a rune aspected towards the essence of Time, these powers also grant the mystic limited control over that domain.

Tith Rune (Psyche)Edit

They say with time and patience comes power. Those who have mastered this rune can agree with this wholeheartedly as they master the elements of the mind. The mystic is capable of crossing the boundaries of magic and channel some of the powers that only a psychic is capable of.

Cantrip: The mystic is capable of channeling the might of their mind to lift objects as if using the Minor Psychokinesis Matrix, replacing their Mystic Rank for the Psychic Rank requirements.

Evocation: The mystic attacks the mind of the target directly with a magically infused psychic assault. These attacks cause the victim to hallucinate that they are being assailed in some way (up to the mystic to decide) and that these attacks are causing real physical injury. A target defeated by this evocation is for all intents and purposes dead, just as if killed by any other evocation, as the illusionary wounds cause the victims mind to go into shock and then shut down.

Abjuration: The mystics mind and reflexes become super human, increasing to amazing levels. While under the affect of this abjuration the target receives a boost of +10 to their attack and defense rolls as their reflexes increase, and ignores 10% of physical resistance from armor as they are capable of finding even the smallest chink in the best armor.

Buff: The mystic or target becomes infused with incredible psychic energy, radiating with it as if they were a true psychic of at least Rank 3. They display the odd physical qualities of a high rank psychic and have their Psychic Resistance increased by +25%.

Curse: The mystic attacks the mind of the target, wrapping it in a mystical cage of magical energy much similar to a psychic matrix. While under the affect of this spell the target becomes a slave to the will of the target, forced to act at the commands of the caster. A target can force their own will and act of their own accord for one action but doing so causes them to take 1 Hit Point of damage per action they take. For the sake of this spell, the duration of the Curse works in reverse (see Curse Durations for more info).

High Magic: Perhaps one of the most powerful forms of psychic attack, the mystic unleashes a psychic scream that can be heard in the minds of every living thing within the radius of the spell. This scream affects each person differently, which is expressed in the form of three status effects chosen at random. The first is Fear, causing the person to be thrown into the grips of utter terror and causing them to act irrationally and flee the sources of their non-existent fear. Sometimes this can be followed by some form of hallucination, displaying the persons worst fear in some way that causes them to run away. No character, no matter how fearless they may believe themselves to be, is immune to this effect without the aid of some supernatural effect. The next is Paralysis, the target is frozen in a state of mindlessness and drops to the ground in catatonia. The third is represented as a Hallucination, a phantasmal terror that attacks the target in some way, sometimes as a shapeless horror or sometimes as something burrowing under their skin. In either case this works much like the evocation of this Rune, causing them to take psychic injuries until passing out or dying.

When effected by this spell a person rolls 1d3 and refers to the following to see what effect they suffer. 1 = Fear, 2 = Paralysis, 3 = Hallucination.

Dalo Rune (Ice)Edit

While this rune may be somewhat self explanatory, it is not merely the control over ice that it represents. If the rune of Neet represents the flow of time in motion, than the rune of Dalo represents the lack of motion in time, or in short time frozen.

Cantrip: The mystic creates a fine powder that can either be used immediately or stored for later use. This powder can be used to reveal objects under the effect of invisibility, creating a glimmering outline of the object or person.

Evocation: The mystic creatures a long shard of ice from the frozen time streams of timelines not taken. This shard often appears as a large chunk of ice with a faint blue core that glows with magical energy, often vaguely resembling a javelin or some other spear-like weapon that can then be hurled at a foe with surprising accuracy.

Abjuration: The mystic causes the air to become icy and the moisture to freeze, creating a thick fog that is nearly impossible to see inside of. Those caught within the fog suffer a -10 to their attack rolls but a +10 to their defense rolls. This effect applies to everyone, including the mystic who cast the spell.

Buff: The target becomes infused with the essence of the ice, their form frozen in time as their skin becomes icy cold to the touch and crystalline in appearance. While under the effects of this spell the target receives the Blessing of Aquilora (+25% to all Psyche, Ice, and Water spells as well as all Cold type damage).

Curse: The target slowly begins to freeze as the mystic channels the essence of ice into their body. Infused with the icy grip of timelessness, the target of this spell will slowly start to develop frostbite and then crystallize over time until death finally consumes them in the form of being frozen in time forever.

High Magic: The mystic generates a harsh northern wind around them, utter the words of this spell into that wind as a whisper. Upon completion the winds them whip up harshly and form into an enormous blizzard, carrying with it heavy snow and icy winds that can cut to the bone. The blizzard kicks off in only a few moments and becomes a complete white out in minutes. Those caught inside it find themselves assaulted not only by the harsh cold but also by large glass like snow flakes that slice through armor just as easily as it does flesh. The blizzard carries with it a strange icy blue aura that can be seen more easily from the outside and the storm forms into a sort of dome shape, making many call this a snow globe of death. As an unusual side effect of this spell, those trapped within find that time travels much more slowly. Those who survive the terrors of the spell feel as if they had been trapped within the hellish blizzard for ages when in reality only moments have passed.

Neet Rune (Water)Edit

The Rune of Water, and the essence of time that flows. One could say that Dalo is like the immoveable object, and in that same sense Neet would be the unstoppable force. They are two halves of the same coin and with this rune a mystic channels the more raw forces of both nature and time.

Cantrip: The mystic conjures a small body of water that can than be formed into any two dimension shape the conjurer wishes. This water is highly reflective, almost like a sheet of polished metal and can maintain its given shape for as long as the spell lasts. While in this state the water can be used as a mirror and allows a person to scry into the flow of time to witness events happening currently so long as there is a body of water nearby to peer from and the mystic or looker is familiar with the area.

Evocation: The mystic draws the moisture from the air and anything around them, forming it into either a small wave or a long whip that they can then direct at an enemy and attack with.

Abjuration: The target is infused with a trace essence of water, allowing them to tread across water as if it were solid footing. A character under the effect of this spell however must maintain constant momentum or sink immediately beneath the surface they are standing upon.

Buff: The mystic conjures a sphere of water that infuses them with momentum of time, while slowing down those who attempt to attack them. While in the sphere anyone targeting the beneficiary of the spell suffers a -10 to their attack rolls. In addition to this effect, those within the sphere of mystical water are also capable of breathing under water.

Curse: The mystic conjures the energy of water and attacks the target with it. This curse then causes the target to find it more and more difficult to breath as their lungs fill with fluid, causing them to slowly drown as if from pneumonia. The final point of damage is dealt in the form of all fluid in the targets body being expelled through their orifices and pores, a painful and gruesome experience that immediately leads to death.

High Magic: The mystic points their finger at the ground and spins in a small circle while drawing their finger from the ground to the sky. This gesture siphons the energy of water from the earth and sends it flying into the air. After a few moments the ground rumbles and the western horizon is blocked out by a huge shadow as water rises up higher and higher into the air. Soon the wall of liquid barrels forward and remarkable speeds, destroying everything in its path as a massive tsunami, its size decreasing slowly but surely over time before finally vanishing in the east.

School of WoodEdit

Ganr RuneEdit

Creation = Creates raw material for crafting with. Materials are always natural and often made of wood, though materials that would normally be made of iron or other natural metals are instead made of a hardened wood known as Ironwood that has the same tensile strength as iron.

Creation + Damage = The caster calcifies reality itself around the target, causing them to be wracked with pain and suffer injury seemingly from nowhere.

Creation + Time = By infusing an item with energy a caster can increase the quality of an item or repair any minor damage it has sustained for the duration of this spell.

Creation + Time + Protection = The target is infused with raw creative energy, their body becoming strange and marionette in appearance. This spell makes the target immune to warping effects of the Wake and immune to mutations.

Creation + Damage + Time = The target is hit with the creative aspect of Wood, causing their body to warp and mutate.

Creation + Damage + Time + Protection = By channeling Creation the caster is capable of disassembling an object to its base component parts or take those parts and piece them together into a completed object with only a few moments of effort. This spell can also be used to jury-rig and item to produce an intended effect for the duration of the spell, though once the spell ends the item falls apart and its parts are rendered unusable.

Balu RuneEdit

Ivy = Creates vines that grow up from the ground and impede the movement of the target.

Ivy + Damage = Shoots a thick thorny vine to damage the target.

Ivy + Time = Creates a cacoon of ivy and vines that harden to the strength of Ironwood, protecting the target and keeping them in statis for the duration of the spell.

Ivy + Time + Protection = Infuses the target with the Energy of Wood, making them appear as a shambling creature of ivy and interwoven vines. While in this form the target can move freely through any natural terrain and is considered to have natural camoflauge.

Ivy + Damage + Time = Conjures vines that shoot up from the ground beneath the target and attempt to burrow into them with barbs, sucking life from the target slowly over time. If the target is killed while the vines are inside them a weeping willow will grow in the area, the more people who die in area from this spell the larger the tree will grow.

Ivy + Damage + Time + Protection = Conjures a handful of tiny seeds that can be used immediately or stored for a short time based on the duration of this spell. If swallowed by the caster they can produce a number of breath weapon attacks composed of a deadly natural gas (chlorine or something similar). However if thrown into the air they will immediately grow into wooden vypers wherever they land and seek out the target to constrict and attack. All seeds must be used at the same time for them to have any effect.

Hast RuneEdit

Wood = Grows a tiny sappling that will grow into a plant of the targets choosing.

Wood + Damage = Attacks the target with a blast of razor sharp leafs.

Wood + Time = Conjures a stone of amber that can be melted down and consumed in order to cure most natural diseases.

Wood + Time + Protection = Infuses the target with the Energy of Wood, hardening their skin into Ironwood and making their hair appear as vines or leafs. Increases Wood Resistance.

Wood + Damage + Time = Surrounds the target in a cloud of deadly pollen that deals damage over time.

Wood + Damage + Time + Protection = Transforms the target into a Sentinel of the Wood, increasing their size, durability, and strength while in an area of thick natural vegitation. The target appears as a massive humanoid tree and is capable of causing destruction as if they were a living siege weapon. When leaving their domain this spell immediately ends and the target returns to normal.