Money is a fundamental necessity for buying and selling things. The amount of money characters possess determines their ability to acquire equipment, and it also serves as a measure of their social level. In the world of Gaia, there are three denominations of money, each with a distinct value. The most common and least valuable are the copper coins (CC). They are used for everday transactions to acquire inexpensive common goods. In some principalities, copper is substituted with iron or bronze, but the value is identical. The second most common coin is the Silver Coin (SC), which is worth 10 copper coins. Finally, the Gold Coin (GC) represents a much higher value; each Gold Coin is worth 100 silver coins. Gold coins are used only for unusually expensive items.

Coins in Gaia are usually of similar size and shape in all its kingdoms and principalities. Generally, they are called "Crowns," and each bears on one face the seal of the Old Empire and on the other the symbol of the principality in which it was minted. Generally, coins can be counted upon to have the same value in any part of Gaia, though there are places where the money of a rival kingdom is not accepted, or is taken only at a discount. Of course, trade doesn't have to be tied exclusively to coinage. Wealth can also be represented by precious stones, land, or titles.

The items listed here are not necessarily intended to be a comprehensive list of objects one can own in the chat, but merely a list of common items bought and sold in the Empire. It is meant to give players an idea of the prices behind objects their characters might have on them. It is also intended for the admin who registers your character to be able to get a rough estimate of your characters value based on what you list in your Possessions. This allows us to prevent paupers from owning pistols or anyone from just claiming they happen to own a castle. Feel free to use the list however for determining characters possessions, though not limited by it. I will also shamelessly admit I compiled this list by searching through numerous Tabletop books and picking out different common items, however all the prices are my own.

Item Price Rarity
Pants 1 SC
Shirt 2 SC
Vest 1 SC
Tunic 3 SC
Cap 2 SC
Jacket 2 SC
Coat 5 SC
Dress 5 SC
Scarf 1 SC
Gloves 2 SC
Broad-brimmed Hat 2 SC
Mittens 1 SC
Men's Underwear 1 SC
Women's Underwear 1 SC
Lingerie 5 SC Uncommon
Belt 1 SC
Handkerchief 1 SC
Ball Gown 5 GC Uncommon
Man's Formal Outfit 2 GC Uncommon
Man's Kimono 15 SC Uncommon
Woman's Kimono 20 SC Uncommon
Clogs 5 CC
Walking Boots 5 SC
Shoes 1 SC
Pricing Modifiers
Mediocre Quality 1/2
Decent Quality x1
Good Quality x10
Luxury or Designer x100


Travel Costs
Item Price Rarity
By Sea
Short Passage (2-5 hours) 5 SC
Short Voyage (1 day) 10 SC
Modest Voyage (2-5 days) 1 GC
Long Voyage (a week or more) 5 GC
By Land
Short Trip (1 day) 2 SC
Significant Journey (2-5 days) 50 SC
Modest Journey (1-2 weeks) 1 GC
Long Journey (more than a month) 5 GC
Price Modifiers
Mediocre Quality 1/2
Decent Quality x1
Good Quality x5
Luxury Travel x100
Dangerous Journey x10
Item Price Rarity
Pack Mule 1 GC
Horse 5 GC
Purebred Horse 50 GC Uncommon
Warhorse 250 GC Uncommon
Working Ox 2 GC
Pack bull 2 GC
Riding Bull 3 GC
Saint Bernard 15 GC Uncommon
Cart 1 GC
Cloth-enclosed Wagon 5 GC
Wood-enclosed Wagon 30 GC
Standard Coach 60 GC
Luxurious Coach 150 GC Uncommon
Sleigh 2 GC Uncommon
Boat 20 GC
Single-masted Sailing Ship 150 GC
Two-masted Sailing Ship 450 GC
Three-masted Sailing Ship 1,200 GC
Small Cruiser 3,500 GC Uncommon
Cruiser 8,000 GC Uncommon
Warship 15,000 GC Rare
Food and Lodging
Item Price Rarity
Beer 1 CC
Good Beer 3 CC
Wine 2 CC
Good Wine 5 CC
Excellent Wine 3 SC Uncommon
Milk 1 CC
Juice 5 CC
Exotic Drinks 1 GC Uncommon
Mediocre Food 4 CC
Normal Food 6 CC
Good Food 5 SC
Finee Food 5 GC Uncommon
Rations (one week)
Field Rations (Mediocre) 2 CC
Field Rations (Decent) 5 CC
Field Rations (Good) 5 SC
Field Rations (Excellent) 30 SC Uncommon
Lodging (per night)
Mediocre Lodging 5 CC
Decent Lodging 1 SC
Good Lodging 25 SC Uncommon
Luxurious Lodging 5 GC Rare
Item Price Rarity
Shack 15 GC
House 60 GC
Large House 150 GC
Mansion 800 GC
Palace 2,000 GC Uncommon
Castle 30,000 GC Rare
Price Modifier
Mediocre Quality 1/2
Decent Quality x1
Good Quality x2
Luxurious Quality x10
Urban Area x2
Services and Contracts (per day of labor)
Item Price Rarity
Artisan 10 SC
Assassin 5 GC Uncommon
Guide 20 SC
Blacksmith 25 SC
Teacher / Instructor 1 GC
Physician / Healer 1 GC
Messenger 5 SC
Mercenary 50 SC
Valet / Lackey 1 SC
Thief 1 GC
Troubadour 5 SC
Price Modifier
Mediocre x1
Decent x2
Professional x10 Uncommon
Celebrated x100 Rare
Item Price Rarity
Acqua Toffana 25 GC Uncommon
Al-Baladin 80 GC Rare
Royal Arsenic 280 GC Uncommon
Atropine 2 GC Uncommon
Belladonna 15 GC Uncommon
Cantharidin 2 GC Uncommon
Cyanide 80 GC Uncommon
Curare 100 GC Rare
Muscarine 1 GC Uncommon
Ramalen Sap 800 GC Rare
Thallium 20 SC Uncommon
White Cobra Venom 500 GC Rare
Serpent's Venom 5 GC Uncommon
Salt of Saturn 3 GC Uncommon