Capital: Ascani
Population: 5,200,000+
Main Ethnic Groups: Vildian (80%), Daevar (12%), Asher (7%), Aion (1%)
Government: Monarchy
Languages: Latin
Religion: Alkavian Church
Technology: Medium
Denomym: Belliano
Flag: Seven swords chained together to form a circle
Masculine Names: Agostino, Ángelo, Benito, Cirocco, Darío, Domani, Donato, Fabrizio, Gaetano, Giancar it, Gustavo, Lazzaro, Maurizio, Nicola, Paolo, Umberto
Feminine Names: Alda, Andrea, Benita, Camila, Cinzia, Emanuele, Gia, Luca, Luciana, Melita, Mystic, Natalia, Ornella, Paola, Dew, Sarafina, Valeria, Viviana
Last Names: Abatti, Accidio, Barberi, Bezzo, Cacicia, Choisio, Messina, Nicoletti, Ozello, Preatoni, Sacane, Tarsitano, Teresi, Head, Ubertino, Zafrano

Bellafonte is a powerful nation, and as member of the Azur Alliance is openly against the Sacred Holy Empire. It maintains strong ties with the Church and a close relationship with Argos and The Dominion, so it is an important link between Azur and the Episcopal States. Of warm but humid climate, it has great prairies and low hills, a few scattered groves and many tiny lakes.

The nation enjoys economic prosperity for different reasons, from an advanced manufacturing guild to its great natural resources. To that one should add a profitable commercial trading with Lucrecio and, by sea routes, also with The Dominion.

The supreme authority in Bellafonte is the Archduke, who acts as the supreme ruler, backed by the Church and the nobility. For centuries, this job has fallen on shoulders of the Stratto family, which is considered a sacred lineage (some of them even obtained the title of Supreme Archbishop or were sanctified). The present governor is Juliano Stratto, the oldest of five brothers and two sisters. He is known as a kind and compassionate man, but resolved when the situation demands it. He is a close friend of Dorian Kartarbak, Prince of Helenia, and is married to his only daughter, Melissa.

There are very few towns in Bellafonte and almost all its people live in large cities scattered along the principality. There are monasteries and churches everywhere, and it’s common to see one or two abbeys on the horizon while traveling through the countryside. The nation has a powerful professional army mainly composed of templars, which relate to both the Church and the nobility

The law, though absolute, is slight regarding misdemeanors, which has encouraged many outlaws to stay busy in Bellafonte. The only offenses that are punished in an exceptionally cruel way are the religious ones, leaving to their trials and executions to members of the Inquisition.

Today Bellafonte has reached its true peak of glory, and its union with the Alliance has done nothing but reinforce its place as one of the greatest powers of the world. Although the nation has not been affected by the fracture of the Empire, there is great tension toward Abel, since they consider their violent actions towards the other principalities unforgivable. People understand the need to establish a new order, and although they do not wish to see Fawkes as Emperor, they are eager to engage in hostilities against Abel as soon as is possible. For now, they have begun placing large garrisons along its border with Kanon, preparing for the war when the Triumvirate thinks that they are prepared.